K-Tek's Brake Disc

Brake Discs are most important part in braking system. We maintain following specification while manufacture nad machinery of brake disc casting to achieve better or best braking performance.

1. Uniform thickness of braking surface: Top most performance of braking system, maximum comfort and higher durability of components.
2. Braking surface finish ground or fine: Improved herd discs fitment of and better running in.
3. Close dimenssional tolerance: Elimination of disc vibration
4. Correct casting hardness: Persist wear and tear hance outstanding performance.

We have in our range disc rotors for almost all the vehicles on Indian road.
Just to give you statistics 109 different types of disc rotors having range from 3 kg to 9 kg.

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We are one of the leading fully finished disc rotor & flywheel assembly manufacturer for automotive industry. Our installed capacity of foundry unit is 980 MT good casting per month. All components are manufactured to meet IATF 16949 quality system standards.
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